Startups & Corporate Housekeeping

Im Gesellschaftsrecht liegt der traditionelle Schwerpunkt der Bergstraßen-Notare.

We not only advise on corporate transactions, but also act as a notarial contact for entrepreneurs and investors, founders and shareholders, lawyers and insolvency administrators in all matters relating to corporate law, from the formation of a company to its liquidation.

When founding a company and managing it, a large number of legal questions arise, the non-compliance with which can sometimes lead to serious consequences. Competent professional advice is often required here. In many corporate matters, the law therefore provides for the involvement of a notary in order to protect legal transactions and the parties involved.

In many cases, online procedures are available to you.


When founding a company, we advise you on the choice of the appropriate legal form and guide you through the formation process up to the entry in the commercial register: we draft the articles of association with you, prepare the necessary further documents, such as applications to the commercial register, lists, formation reports, etc., and send you the documentation electronically and as a hardcopy after notarization.

In our notarial office at Bergstraße, a particularly large number of start-ups have recently found their notarial home; in the meantime, many have also clearly outgrown the start-up stage. We are therefore well acquainted with the special needs of the start-up scene, and can help you to identify typical issues in the following areas

  • “Doppelstock”,
  • Vesting and
  • Shareholders’ Agreements

– to name just a few.

In all stages of life

The life of companies is manifold: We

  • accompany shareholders’ meetings of limited liability companies,
  • notarize joint ventures,
  • support corporate agreements such as profit transfer and control agreements,
  • record the minutes of general meetings of stock coporations and
  • notarize national cross-border transformations (mergers, demergers, changes of legal form, spin-offs and cross-border relocations of registered offices).
Commercial Register

This includes commercial register applications of all kinds, but also practical matters that facilitate “handling”, such as powers of attorney, in particular voting and register powers of attorney. In all matters of corporate law, our long-standing and close cooperation with the registry court is helpful.

Shareholders’ Agreements

In the startup sector, we have special expertise in shareholder and investment agreements and can effectively support your financing rounds.

We are familiar with practically all marketable forms of financing (equity, start-up grants and start-up subsidies, development loans and start-up loans, family & friends, guarantees, private equity and venture debt, convertible loans, mezzanine and crowdinvesting) and provide support in their notarial facets.