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Commercial register

The commercial register provides a public, transparent record of the entities and parties involved in commerce. It is public, and you can rely on its contents to be accurate. In the register, you can find a company’s exact trading name and domicile and see whether someone is authorised to sign a contract in the company’s name.

For this reason, all significant changes to companies must be registered with the commercial register, for example:

  • changes to the management or executive board,
  • changes to the company name, changes to the company’s domicile, address of the place of business or object of the company,
  • changes to the articles of association (for corporations),
  • the granting and revocation of a signature authority (Prokura) and
  • changes in the partners of general partnerships (OHG) and limited partnerships (KG).

Registrations with the commercial register and any signatures must be notarised. We will draw up the texts and verify that they have been properly entered in the commercial register.