Our more than 100 employees are the backbone of our firm. They prepare and issue all the deeds that we record. Notarial employees have an extremely demanding job, even compared to their counterparts at law firms, banks and insurance companies. They have to do more than just type dictated or preformulated texts and letters. They are high-level professionals who have to provide excellent service and support to clients and companies in need of advice.

This is an ideal field for anyone looking for a challenging workplace after completing his or her general education. It requires a strong commitment to customer service and close attention to detail.

After completing a three-year vocational training programme as a notarial paralegal (in Hamburg, this is not combined with a standard paralegal programme, but concentrates exclusively on notarial work), our paralegals learn how to serve clients independently, including conducting preliminary meetings, drafting deeds and otherwise supporting all the notaries’ activities, particularly in corporate, property, inheritance and family law.

Trained notarial paralegals have outstanding employment prospects. In addition, the advancement opportunities within the firm are excellent: experienced paralegals, supervisors and office managers are given considerable responsibility and remunerated accordingly.

In a large firm such as ours, positions are constantly being added or becoming vacant. For that reason, we always accept speculative applications from qualified candidates and look into the possibility of offering or creating a suitable position for them in our office.